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Thanks for stopping by on my website. With so many places on the internet to find inspiring photography, I’m glad you landed on my website. My hope is that your time spent here was pleasurable and that you come back to visit again. Feel free to comment, share and explore.

About me

I’m an amateur photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve always enjoyed photography since I was a little kid but only picked up my first DSLR in April 2012. After taking my first pics with my snazzy little Canon 600D, I felt  disappointed and even “ripped off” that my images turned out “blah” – for the lack of a better word.

But that’s when I started to learn via the University of YouTube – mankind’s shining example of knowledge freely shared. I consumed video after video and channel after channel of content that had anything to do with photography. Of particular interest to me was learning about exposure and composition and then post production using Lightroom. Over time, I became particularly interested in additional photography techniques such as HDR and new software platforms such as Google’s Nik Collection.

But one thing remains the same – the more I learn and explore, the more I realise that there is so much more to learn and explore. And my hope is that this website will journal that discovery for me and I’d love to share it with you also.


Paradigmblue is my little place on the big web. Why paradigmblue?  I’ve always liked the word paradigm. Defined as “A typical example or pattern of something; a model.” When applied to photography, it catches the essence that to get an image right, you need to get the fundamentals right – while leaving a tonne of room for creativity to flow.

The creative side of things is captured by “blue” –  my favourite colour  because  everything that is big in life is blue! The oceans, the sky etc. So when you merge the words “paradigm” and “blue” it speaks to me of a pattern to be followed to make it work, while being free enough to make it magical. Hence the name “paradigmblue”. The fact that it rolls off the tongue nicely also helps.

My tag line is “time captured” and this is the essence of what an image is to me. A moment in time, never happened before and won’t happen ever again – but captured in an image. To bring the best out of the image using post production and then sharing it with others is a creative buzz I really enjoy.


Thanks for reading this and I hope it gives you a better understanding of where I am in my journey of photography. Be sure to contact me via the link above should you have any further questions or comments.

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